Drs. Adam and Alison Kaye

Dear Rabbi Schulgasser,

Alison and I would like to thank you for an amazing job. From our initial pre-milah meeting through the event and beyond you have been the utmost professional.You truly have the hands of a surgeon.We hope to celebrate many more happy occasions with you.


Adam Kaye, MD - General / Critical Care Surgeon
Alison Kaye, MD - Pediatric Plastic Surgeon


Dr. M. Dinerman

As a pediatrician, I can only offer accolades for the excellence, professionalism, and precision that Rabbi Schulgasser delivers to the baby.

Wih his skills, vast experience, and an extreme sensitivity to the infant’s comfort, Rabbi Schulgasser has earned my highest recommendation without reservation.

M. Dinerman,  MD (Atlanta GA)

Ryan and Stephanie Williams

Thank you! We appreciate all the time you spent with us and your making our baby's entrance into the community so special!!.


Ryan & Stephanie Williams (Informal Education Director at Congregation Beth Shalom)

Noam and Tamar, Anchorage Alaska

Thank you for coming all the way to Alaska and making our son's Brit Milah so special. Your caring attitude and professionalism made us feel that he was in good hands, as you answered all our questions before and days after the Brit.

Noam & Tamar
Anchorage, Alaska

Dr. Glenn Gordon

It was an honor to have Rabbi Schulgasser as our grandson's mohel. Elchanan is a warm and caring person, a real "mentsch." We enjoyed the bris very much.

Glenn Gordon, MD
Mexico, MO


J & K

It was wonderful to meet you as well. Jaden is doing great, sleepy as usual and nursing and peeing like always! Not fussy at all, doesn't even make a peep with diaper changes. We are very pleased!! If we ever have another boy we will definitely be calling you again.

J. & K.
Topeka, Kansas

Katie Kendle

It's been three months since you visited us for our son's circumcision but I'm still thinking about the time you spent with our family and what a blessing it was. You were so calm and so kind to us and to our son. Also, you cracked us up--thanks for that. I hope our paths will cross again sometime. Until then, blessings to you and your family

Katie Kendle

Kansas City, MO


Dana H.

Thank you for doing the Brit Milah for our son. We appreciated how you incorporated our family minhagim. We were also delighted that you supervised my husband in "making the cut" himself. Should we ever be blessed to need a mohel again, we will be delighted to use your services.

Dana H.,
Senior Health Coordinator at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Rabbi Yehuda Sokoloff

Dear Rabbi Schulgasser,

Your expertise and professionalism were very  comforting. May you continue to be a source of light and Torah to the entire community. Mazal Tov!

Rabbi Yehuda Sokoloff
Rosh Kollel of the Community Kollel of Kansas City


Dr. Jay & Darcy Goodbinder 

Rabbi Schulgasser, thank you so much for perfoming Gavriel's bris. You did such a wonderful job. Also, we felt so prepared and ready we had no time to worry!

Thanks again, 

The Goodbinders


Jaret & Cipporah Gordon, MD

Rabbi Schulgasser,

We wanted to thank you so much for performing our son's bris--you are a kind man and truly made us feel comfortable with the whole process. Many more blessings to you and your family.

The Gordons



Avital & Ori


אלפי תודות על חויית ברית מעל ומעבר למצופה

הגענו מלאי חששות ולחוצים ואין מילים בפי לבטא את השקט הנפשי, ו "החוויה המתקנת" שעברנו בזכות היחס וההסברים לפני במהלך ואחרי הברית.

השלווה, המקצועיות ללא פשרות ,הסובלנות והחיוך התמידי אפשרו לנו  אפילו להנות במסיבת הברית.

תומר נראה יותר רגוע בידיך מאשר אצלנו אפילו לאחר הברית .

גם שהקפצנו אותך באמצע הלילה בגלל חששות מיותרים הגעת במהירות הסברת באריכות והצלחת להרגיע אותנו ולהחזיר את הדברים לפרופוציה הנכונה.

פחות מ-48 שעות אחרי ואנחנו נדהמים מההחלמה המהירה.

ישר כח ומי יתן ועוד הרבה משפחות ימלו את בנם באוירה נעימה ומקצועית שכזו.

אביטל ואורי




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