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Rabbi Schulgasser hired an independent professional to collect feedback from a sampling of his most recent client families. The responses below are presented below exactly as received.

How was your experience with Rabbi Schulgasser at your son's bris or circumcision?

- Awesome personality, personable, interesting, enjoyable, friendly

- Funny, humor, Jokes were really good, his sense of humor helped break the ice

- Polite in our home

- Nice to have the option of our son's circumcision in our home

- Great follow-up after a few months

- Professional (A “Pro”)

- We still talk about him and will refer people to him for life

- We still tell stories of how great he is

- Available when we had questions, accessible, open schedule

- Very knowledgeable

- Liked the entire process

- Compassionate

- Felt like our family was the only and most important family

- Loved how he explained everything, informative

- Made us feel comfortable and he is comfortable, calm, collected

- Knew what he was doing which eased our tension

- Down to earth

- Explained things so it was simple

- Prepared us well and walked all the way through process before and during

- Good explanation throughout (liked knowing what was happening)

- Liked being close and able to hold and comfort baby once complete

- Amazing

- Rabbi was there for us on 8th day

- Very nurturing man

- Confident with procedure which makes this stressful experience easier

- Short experience, quick procedure, fast (although not rushed)

- Great with baby

- He genuinely cares (you are not a number), Genuine (not medical)

- Liked him on the phone

- Liked the fact that he texts, emails

- Follow up was great: informative “after care” sheet, prompt to get back to us and answer questions

- No concerns

- Healed up like he said it would – great directions for healing

- Loved him and will use him again

- “Wookie” purr calmed baby

- All around amazing

- Wish our paths crossed more often. Often say “our lives would be better if we could spend time with Rabbi and his family”


How did you choose Rabbi Schulgasser for your son's bris or circumcision?

- We are not Jewish, but my husband saw the Rabbi's lecture at Research Medical Center and was very impressed.

- Our midwife said Rabbi Schulgasser "had the gift." Also, cost was a factor; we had a home-birth and using Rabbi Schulgasser was more economical than having a pediatrician.

- My husband, a doctor, has a patient who used the Rabbi for her own son and highly recommended him to us.

-It seemed more natural to use a mohel because he is more experienced and would do the procedure in our home.

-We called a local synagogue and they recommended Rabbi Schulgasser.

-We are naturally minded and did not want done in hospital. Rabbi was the best choice.

-We have two boys – this was our second son. Our first experience at the hospital was not positive so we decided to take a different route. Our midwife recommended Rabbi Schulgasser.

-Recommended by friends. Rabbi knows what he is doing.

-Suggested by friends and midwife.

-Rabbi was highly recommended.

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